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Postby Havoc » Wed Dec 27, 2006 10:53 pm

The black and white stranger is out there somewhere, asking after Tony Ray, but he's not here, no, not in here.

I tried to look through the cracks in the wall to see him. I saw, well, it wasn't him, but I saw

need to patch the cracks. Cracks in the wall. Need to patch the cracks because you can see things through them-- things. Can't tell anyone, but don't let them follow you home, don't ever let them. You have to patch the cracks to keep them out, yes.

To keep it out. Keep HIM out.

Need to patch the cracks. There can't be any cracks- have to patch even the tiniest cracks to keep him out. But there's always one you miss, or the old ones keep coming back-- no matter how you plaster them or hold your head and rock in the corner the old ones break open again, and even when it's all plaster

all safe, no cracks, you can still hear
the whispers, telling you to

telling you

and the scratching of its claws...
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