Beware The Boar
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Author:  Wotan [ Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Beware The Boar

This is just a little poetic tribute to everyone's favourite porcine anti-hero.

Beware the Boar - 2013 by Trevor Patrick, based on characters and scenarios from SLOP by Mulefoot and © their creator.

Everyone has their secrets
and their tragic tales to tell,
many live lives of distilled hurt & suffering,
making do with the terrible hand they're dealt.

Such folks live life in the shadow-
forgotten by sunny days,
and always shaped by endless gloom & rain-

over time, most will just crumble,
or simply give up the ghost,
while some forge steely resolve from their greatest pain.

Tony Ray saw first-hand the unspeakable horrors,
and the unstoppable revolutionaries
of the thirty-year Thaikong War,

what remained of his youth was burned to ash,
then was forged & honed to the mind
of a pure and uncompromising predator.

And just like you might dream of hoary legends,
of bringing in the boar's head for the Feast of Stephen,
Tony Ray's feverish dreams offer him something much more-

In that place of tears and ashes,
where only killers scream,
it's your head that will be brought to the feast of the boar.

For the dreams are his greatest, yet most unwanted legacy,
and even in the quietest moments,
they refuse to stop-

because out of the many harsh,
and unwelcome truths they tell him,
the one deepest-rooted, is that nearly everyone is just slop.

And just like all the other filthy swine,
he knows he's destined to wallow in his mire,
to grunt over his slop in the segregated hog-trough,
despite all his foolish and youthful desires.

And everyone knows that slop is what hogs eat,
it's a fact that's culturally entrenched,
and Tony Ray knows that all the cigars in the world,
will never hope to cover up the stench...

But if he gives you his trust,
it means more than you can know,
especially if he deigns to call you a friend-

it means you're one of the very few,
who can help him see past his pain,
even if you can't help him avoid that pain's ultimate end.

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