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Rosary & Rosa

Postby Wotan » Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:04 am

Rosary & Rosa - 2013 by Trevor Patrick, based on characters and scenarios from SLOP by Mulefoot and © their creator.

Rita counts the beads on her rosary,
praying to the Creator that Rosa's finally free-
from all the things that she never thought,
everything she never deserved,
regret from the things she'll never get to do,
and every life lesson she'll never learn.

And at the fount of her pain, Rita finds no answers,
to any of the questions she dares not ask,
yet Tony Ray helps her pick up the pieces-
both of them strangers and both of them friends,
showing each other their chosen masks.

For the hardest and deepest secrets are
not the ones you most jealously hide-
instead, they're the ones that truly shape your being,
and they always lurk in plain sight.

While Tony Ray collects the dead in flesh,
Rita collects the dead and broken souls,
and each wants the one thing they can never seem to find-
which is for each to have their own fates firmly in control.

But the fact that life always has other plans,
is a truth they've often had to discover,
and in that place, where pain has its deepest home,
they always have each other.
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