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Postby Andrick » Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:21 pm

Welcome, Websurfers and Forumites, to the starting point for the forum RPG: an online role-playing game set in the world of Mulefoot's "Slop." Though the story of "Slop" and its events color the forum RPG, the game itself is divorced from the actual comic which frees us from many restraints in order to pursue our own goals and stories.

For now, let's talk about making a character (veteran RPers, skip this paragraph). A character is a fictional person which acts out a role. For our purposes, this character will be created by a person which we shall hereafter call a "player". The player who creates a character owns that character and has complete sovereignity over the actions and decisions which enable that character to interact within the setting of the forum RPG. A character has certain key traits which the player will create as part of the character in order to convey this fictional person to other players and their characters.

If you need helpful ideas or explanations fow what follows, please visit the Character Creation Workshop in a seperate thread.

This is a work in progress.

Now, for the registration form, so those of you who just skipped over all of the above can get on with it. Just copy and paste the following form.
Code: Select all
[b]Full Name: [/b]
[b]Apparent Age: [/b]
[b]Oft said quote: [/b]

[b]What is your character's personality?[/b]

[b]How does s/he interact with others?[/b]

[b]Give an example description of your character. [/b]

[b]What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens?[/b]

All new characters shall be posted by reply to this thread. Go ahead, no one bites unless you ask nicely.
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Postby Charred » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:42 am

"Howdy, stranger! Care for a drink? Of course I'm buyin'. You were lookin a little down, so I figured I'd come see what the matter was. Here, now. A brew and an attentive ear solves all ales in the universe. Now, tell me whats' eatin' ya."

Full Name: Ashley C. Winters (Birthname Autumn C. Winters.. fuckin' hippie parents, you know? Didn't like the sound of it so I changed it early down the road..)
Critter: Coyanne from upland, near the rez's. Don't talk that 'yo quiero taco bell' jabber at me. Seriously, how racially insensitive can you get?
Apparent Age: Around 24
Oft said quote: "Well, it seems to me like you've got a problem. How about we talk about it?"

What is your character's personality? Never without a smile, or a few bucks to spare, this barfly is one of the shining cyclopean shangri-la's of the locals. She's large and in charge. Well, not so much of the latter. She's definately got a mother-hen complex going on, of some sort. If someone's in poor spirits, she smiles, buys the beers, listens and does what she can. If someone comes in and starts trouble; she's there to make sure it gets finished. Wherever she goes, the place is slightly brighter when she goes.
In truth, she listens for the sake of gathering information. Her job is as an informant to the mob; and while she filters what she can- keeping a few people out of harms' way if she thinks it appropriate; she's truely cold-hearted, and her ruse polished to a well-rehearsed gleam of redundancy by now. But, it isn't uncommon for people to 'vanish' a few days after she's left town. She's a drifter, plain and simple(Although she stays in the same tri-state area).

How does s/he interact with others? Amazingly well. On her own time, she enjoys solitude; smoking and listening to Johnny Cash in the privacy of her hotel room. She lurks in the local bars; clubs; wherever she can; usually chatting it up with the bartender until someone comes along who looks like they could use a friend. They're usually the ones in trouble, after all. So she saunters on up, buys a beer or two; and inqures on their woes.

Give an example description of your character.
The coyote-woman stands a full six foot, three inches. Amazingly tall for her race; and amazingly large as well. She must weigh on a good towards two hundred and fifty pounds; which is clearly padded muscle. Her hair is cropped short, tied back and out of her face. Her eyes, which are the colour of liquid gold, are almost always smiling, as if covering some hidden wisdom. Her face is well-lined with the kind of damage you expect from someone who spent their life outdoors; with exceptionally deep smile-lines. Her ears have scars from where a good deal of piercings appear to have been forceably removed. Her neck is heavy with simple metal-bead necklaces; the kind you might find on dogtags; and she has a pleasant jingle as she walks as of metal on metal.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens?
[/i]The rauscious echoes of hearty laughter fill the room; with no need to contain it. Who has fear of being looked at by others, anyways? Sitting backwards in a chair, with a beer dangling from her fingertips, the coyote is smiling a colourful grin at the coronado sitting across from her; and proceeds to continue in some wild tale the requires an orgy of arm and hand gestures. She almost knocks one of the patrons in the ribs as he goes by, making some kind of airplane, or maybe a flying fish? with her hands. Again the laughter fills the bar; less noticed by the barflies now; whatever she's saying she thinks' its hilarious. She pauses a moment as you enter; pins her ears in a full-mouthed grin; and motions you over, "No use standin' there, gettin wet! BArtender! Another beer!"
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Postby Andrick » Sun Oct 15, 2006 5:52 pm

Full Name: Beaucerf "Bo" Elmwood
Critter: Fel
Apparent Age: 20s
Oft said quote: "I want something from you..." Image

What is your character's personality? Enigmatic and intense, Beaucerf seems more like a driven force than a person. The fel's countenance matches the scrutiny he gives those who fall under his gaze - severe and grim. When he is in motion the fel goes directly to his goals, speaks bluntly what he has to say, and takes liberties with people that are perfect strangers. Otherwise he is taciturn, often passively waiting on the sidelines as he studies the scene, looking for an advantage before swooping in to take what he wants. Neither local nor regular, he comes and goes to whatever capricious schedule he keeps.

How does s/he interact with others? Every interaction with the fel begins to feel like a competition where the rules and stakes are unspoken. Beaucerf stares directly into the eyes of whomever he talks to and ignores any other distractions. Beaucerf will try to take command of any conversation and lead it to his ends before dismissing both discourse and the other participant like they both no longer matter to him.

Give an example description of your character. Beaucerf's facial expression always seems dour when he is staring at people with those dark eyes. Without counting his antlers Beaucerf stands a little over six feet tall that, added with his wide shoulders, lends him an intimidating image. The dun and white of his fur provide a sharp contrast to the dark colors of his austere suit. The rest of the fel's anatomy is hidden by the cut of the expensive threads he wears.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens? Beaucerf is aconfrontational and polarizing figure. He makes no attempts to be chummy and wedges himself into places where he is clearly an outsider uncaring whether it is welcome or not. As if his commanding and arrogant personality weren't enough to grab one's attention the immaculate appearance of the fel ensures that he is visually different from those around him. It is evident that a lot of attention is given to his grooming and he looks as if he stepped out of the shower and into the professionally cleaned and pressed suits he wears.
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Postby Halbherz » Thu Oct 26, 2006 8:54 pm

Might as well go all the way. Shep's still out there slowly losing his mind to chastity and kindheartedness, but let's introduce instead...

Full Name: Olaf Braeburn

Critter: Donkey
Apparent Age: Early 30's, with actual age possibly a lot younger.
Oft said quote: "Gonna make you a special price, Champ."

What is your character's personality?
"He's okay, I guess. Mostly forgets to pay his tab or begs for a free refill, but leastwise he never tried to cop a feel, or start a brawl with the big boys." - Maggie, waitress at the Golden Troff
"That weaselly slimeball promised to find me a complete collection of Udders for eighty bucks, then took the twenty advance, and I never seen him since." - Baldie Ben, unemployed collector of rare gentlemen's magazines
"Why, what's he done this time?" - Vernon Braeburn, father

How does s/he interact with others?
"Hey! Yeh, you, howdy Sir. You look like a coyano looking for something special. Right? Right? Yeeeeah, can't fool me. I know a guy with special tastes, eh? Been in the biz myself, you see. And boy have I got a treat for you! Rare footage, all the censored bits still in it. Can see everything what they wanted to put into PowerSnuff Girls Seven but was too chicken to leave it in. That your cuppa joe, Champ? Yeah, the one with Trish as Puddles, and this, this... this real scientist guy as Special Guest, ifyaknowwhatimean. Heheh. And dontcha worry, Champ, I'm gonna make you a special price for it."

Give an example description of your character.
Filthy unlaced hoofsneakers, faded, vertically striped stretch leggings straight from the Eighties and a baggy hooded sweater make for a typically incongruous attire, with Olaf's hands jammed tightly into the sweater's pockets, fiddling with whatever he's trying to sell at the moment. He's a constant chewer of Cudgum, muzzle often framed by greenish saliva foam, red-rimmed eyes darting to and fro for the next customer to bump into or wares to snatch. His long ears are laid back flat against his boney skull, held together by a series of interlocking earrings along the inner ridges, which makes him look perpetually dodgy, downcast at best.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens?
Olaf bears a passing resemblance to a former, legendary hard core porn star known as "Duke Loadstone", a coincidence that he likes to exploit for his dubious transactions, even though he usually picks targets who'd think twice of admitting to ever having seen one of Loadstone's flicks. As is, Olaf is about the smallest fish in a grimy pond, someone who'd be described as "local character" or "rough but kind-hearted native" in a tourist brochure to all the seediest dumps on town, if it weren't for his nagging tenacity once he's decided to sell you something.
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Postby Seiren » Mon Dec 18, 2006 11:11 pm

Full Name: Seiren Starling
Critter:bard owl
Apparent Age: early 20's
Oft said quote:What? Whatsa matta?

What is your character's personality? Seiren is usually silent. She takes in her surroundings rather than engage in them, but when she does choose to speak, she is likely to say something slightly off topic. What can she say? her mind wanders...avians usually have their head in the clouds.
She is also rather lazy, and dreams more than does. This part of herself pains her greatly, and for some reason is too uncomfortable to face.

How does s/he interact with others?To her friends, she is a silent protector and guide, and to her foes, she is a malicious shadow. She is a champion for the little guy. Surprisngly, she can serve to be the voice for the mute in times of need.

Give an example description of your character.She has a taste for rodents, rats especially. She is also fond of rabbit. The scent of herbivores can drive her hungry stomach to growling, sentient of no.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens?She is a musician, and plays a classical guitar, which is severely talon-scratched. Long clawed sentients have a tough time playing most instruments, but they have to practice for more than enough to make up for it.
Those with worries and woes often talk to her, seeking a listening ear or advice. She is all too happy to hear people out, even if they are strangers, but the fact that it happens for her more than most can get aggravating.
She lets others get to know her intamately very gradually. Her piercing eyes are a testement to her understanding of people and their motives. She almost immiediately knows whether someone is a friend or foe.
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Postby Raiden » Sat Dec 30, 2006 3:33 am

This character stank of age. Let's try a new one.

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Postby Eppa » Wed Mar 14, 2007 5:09 am

Full Name:
Epaphroditus Uel Redgrave.
"It's a dude's name, I know. A stupid one too. "Eppa" sounds more feminine, but it still ain't really. My parents were kinda cracked, may they rest in peace. They wanted a good boy and they dug their heels in even when the nurse handed over the baby girl that God gave 'em. Not such a good one, neither, though I try."


Apparent Age:
21. Perhaps even younger.

Oft said quote:
"God bless."

What is your character's personality?
She slips quietly into a booth at any given bar and secretly makes character judgements based on appearance while maintaining a nonchalant outward facade. She watches. She waits. She knows God will not protect her from her sins forever. She lights a cigarette but doesn't smoke a whole lot of it, just lets it burn down to her fingers while she makes her private assumptions. She will trust you until she detects even the slightest reason not to. She can and will turn on you in a second.

How does she interact with others?
She enjoys solitude, but she also enjoys company. She is not one to approach a stranger, but if approached she will share a drink and a story. She is pleasant enough. She will silently judge. These judgements will determine whether or not everything she says will be a lie.
She is sometimes seen with a grizzled coronado whom she refers to as Grandfather, and whom she presumably travels with. The two insist that they are blood relatives, although this somehow seems unlikely.

Give an example description of your character.
She is relatively tall and lanky, with long, slender limbs, the kind of body type that any critter in the weasel family tends to have. It's hard to tell if there's any muscle beneath her downy fur. Maybe, maybe not. She stands at around 5'11', but she has terrible slinky posture. Her fur is a soft white, a bit of black marking the tip of her tail. (She never gets her brown summer coat, perhaps due to some past trauma, perhaps not.) Her hair is the same shade of white as her fur, long and slightly wavy. She usually keeps it swept back with a bit of ribbon or string. Her nose is sloping and handsome, the tip of which is the same pink as the inside of her small round ears. Her small mouth is usually smudged with red lipstick. Her eyes are an unsettling shade of red.
She can usually be seen wearing long, loose white blouses and camisoles over tight blue jeans. A large, tacky gold crucifix hangs from her neck on a thin chain. This may or may not be tucked into her shirt. It depends on how such a symbol would be recieved by the locals of her current whereabouts.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens?
She moves with a sort of fluid grace, slipping in and out of crowds without coming into contact with anybody, scarcely stirring a breeze, not even disturbing a coat-tail. She is so slender and pale you can almost imagine her as a lucid ghost, as if she could disappear any second. Sometimes she does. She's good at evading danger... at least she has been thus far.

Is religion an acceptable element in the Slop universe?
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Postby liskafox » Fri Mar 16, 2007 6:00 am

Full Name: Victoria Lee Gatterpaw
Critter: vulpus vulpus the common red fox
Apparent Age: She looks in her mid 30's claims to be in her early 30's and is actually in her early 40's
Oft said quote: Why I'm fine and foxy as ever sugar.. how's your folks?

What is your character's personality? Kind, warm, her manorisms of a nurse following her in her life, Smarter then she looks and often acts though theres a lot that meets the eye to this fox that is quite faux. A troubled past and three failed marriages, and fighting a addiction to painkillers that got her fired.

How does s/he interact with others? Normally warm and receptive. but increasingly less as her bank account dwindles, the fox maybe forced to partake in the worlds oldest profession if things don't brighten up for her soon.. then she will become quite.. ah.. "Friendly"

Give an example description of your character. The fox's appearance can be summed up as a bit on the plump side. a nice belly and even bigger bust, had the the latter without the former she would be very striking. She seems nice.. sweet.. but as time wears on her appearance slips to a more.. tired.. sad.. even desperate version of herself as she fends of several addictions and financial ruin.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens? Not alot to tell the truth.. not at first anyways. decently groomed middle aged unassuming common red fox who finds herself starting to circle the drain as bad decisions and bad luck comes down on her hard.
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Postby littljohn » Fri Mar 16, 2007 1:24 pm

Full Name: Littlejohn (That's all, never been any more)
Critter: Yaller dog. BIG yaller dog.
Apparent Age: Somewhere between 40 and death. We aren't quite sure where. Littlejohn isn't either.
Oft said quote: "Whatever gets you through the night is cool with me"

What is your character's personality? Easygoing and interested, but very quiet. The first person you forget was there.

How does s/he interact with others? Quietly. A good listener, with a story if there's time for it.

Give an example description of your character. A large upright 'yaller dog' with short fur, going grey around the muzzle. A buit more middle than a younger dog would have. Glasses. An expression which somehome makes him look terminally horny.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens? Age. And, that noisy goddam car he drives.
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Postby Nazgul777 » Tue Apr 10, 2007 5:28 am

Full Name :

Shailene "Shail" Dunne

Critter :

Apparent age :

early 30's, with eyes that look much older

Oft said quote :

"Life's a bitch that keeps on giving."

Personality :

Withdrawn and quiet, she rarely smiles unless around someone she trusts.
She seems cold, but is rather compassionate and understanding in her own way.Although if provoked her temper can be ferocious.

Interaction :

She's hard to initiate conversation with, but if started she begins spewing a mix of psychological babble and street slang that alienates most people. If provoked to an extreme she'll become aggressive, but she's otherwise very calm.

Description :

Thick and slightly heavyset. She wears a lot of leather, and has multiple self-made facial piercings. The hair on her head grows like a long mohawk with a strip of pink, and she smokes almost constantly. Her shoulders are always slumped, making her look smaller than she is.

What sets her apart :

She is large, and has a very striking unusual appearance, maybe subconsiously wanting to be noticed.

In a nutshell :

After losing her family to voilence, she began drifting about looking for awnsers. that trip never ended. She also has a secret passion for childish things, and a terrible smoking addiction.

(keeping her in the wings in case anyone starts a new session :grin:)
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Postby Onefersorrow » Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:33 pm

Full Name: Cy Fur
Critter: Blue merle border collie
Apparent Age: 19
Oft said quote: Eh?
What is your character's personality? Cy is sweet, but very, very naive. She tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and thinks that just about anyone will be her friend. Basically, the survival rate of a wet tissue in a kiln. She is also neurotic at times, especially when it comes to males.
How does s/he interact with others? She is the type of person who will go right up to a person and say "Hallo! Will ye be my friend?"
Give an example description of your character. Cy is short and stocky, a bit broad in the beam and with a long black braid. Yes, she is blue. She is a decendant of a kennel, and as a result, neurotic as all hell.
What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens? Apart from her naivity? She's running away from her brother, who is supposed to mate her, to create an even pure-er bloodline for her kennel.
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Re: [Your Character Here]

Postby Uncle » Thu Nov 22, 2007 5:51 am

Full Name: Runs With Stick, non native name, Ruth Pawstone

Critter: Cunni, indigenous rabbit species

Apparent Age: mid 40s

Oft said quote: "Mother help me."

What is your character's personality? Basic mistrust of everyone based on years of government schooling and interference.

How does s/he interact with others? Cautiously, unless she sees an advantage to be had.

Give an example description of your character. Gray fur, brown markings, some white here and there that gets touched up once in a while to mask her true age. A tribal pattern shaved into her fur that isn't trendy or looks cool. Typically can been seen wearing a plain dress and barefooted attending to her chores. Occasionally disappears into the wilderness for days or weeks at a time and returns as if nothing happened.

What makes your character stand out from the other Slopiverse denizens? She is not an immigrant, and has issues with those that are.


Well, you said it WAS role playing right?
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Postby Kaid » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:20 pm

S'always good to be prepared! Long friggin' post ahead.

Full Name: Kadira ‘Kaid’ Azeneth

Critter: Oroslani

Apparent Age: 25

Oft said quote: “Well, I’ll be damned.â€
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Postby Drowned Rat » Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:13 am

Here’s my dysfunctional member of the Slop ‘verse.

Full Name: Hiram “Harryâ€
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