A trucker has a stop...

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A trucker has a stop...

Postby Bit » Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:03 am

It had been a long ass shift driving down that dirt stretch of highway, "State improvement project my ass," the wolf thought as he worked his way down the familiar stretch and off to the side of the road. Nearly eighteen hours straight for the last 3 days, the shift log had been detailed to say he would arrive there by monday morning at the border, he was only a hundred miles or so and it was just creeping into the wee hours of saturday morning as he slowly pulled into the Cantina. Stopping his truck around back and letting the air breaks hiss out that final bit of tension in his truck before killing the engine for the night. Closing his eyes as he rubbed his tired muzzle, the long days were starting to catch up with him, he could feel it in his legs as he stood slowly and climbed down from the cab. The wolf just around 6'4" maybe 200 lbs soaking wet as he wore a flannel shirt left hanging open as that wife beater clining to his chest was soaked through with sweat and grease from his burger earlier during the day, a pair of faded jeans with a hole along his left thigh, his nuts nearly hanging out cause of it as he reached down and readjusted himself casually as he walked his way out around the side of the building and into the front door. Adjusting that red cap between his ears as the white wolf's long fur hung from his frame, freezing in that cold gust of night air as he closed the door behind him as soon as he was inside. Heading straight for the bar and tossing a $20 onto the counter with a *THUMP* of his hand on top of it. "Line em up fer me killer, my liver's gonna hate'cha in the mornin but I'll be luvin ya in five minutes. Nun of dat cheap ass watered out whiskey either!"
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