Blue II, the sequel

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Blue II, the sequel

Postby Uncle » Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:18 pm

(Editors note: The time line has been adjusted from 2008 (present tense) for the Lockhart portion of Blue shifting back to 1992. So 1992 is the beginning of the sequel where we left off with the reunion of Runs With Stick with both her father and Silver Two Trees.)

1992 the cabin:

Runs With Stick stood there staring at the old Cunni at the table. "Mother help me, can it be?"

"Is it really you Father?"

The old man looked down at the table and took a deep breath. "Yes, I believe I am. Your friend here found me working as a janitor down in Broken Knee."

"He has your eyes my darling, how could he be anyone else?" Silver Two Trees asked.

"It's been almost 20 years Father. What happened? We all thought you were dead."

"I still don't remember anything. I was told that I was found in the forest half dead from a shoulder wound and a head wound."

Runs With Stick sat down next to the old man at the table. "I was 11 Father. You had gone to help your brothers. You wrote to us for about a year and then the letters just stopped. We had heard later that group of volunteers had been ambushed at the request of some of the tribal council members."

"If you say so, it must be. I really can't remember anything other than working. I never knew my real name. The just called me Ran From Death."

She turned to Silver Two Trees, "And where have you been all this time?"

"The Federals arrested me and gave me a choice, work for them or go to prison. They said if I completed my task I would be set free to start over. It is because of them I found your father."

She reached across the table taking Silver Two Tree's hand in hers, "Sam talked to me at the bus terminal. He's known all along. He said we are all officially out of work."

She stood up and put her arms around the old Cunni, "I know you don't remember anything, we will be your memory if you wish to stay with us."

The old Cunni took a deep breath, then looking up said, "I will stay. I will listen. I will be your father and you will be my daughter. And is this young buck my son in law?"

"Yes he is Father. I will talk with the Elders and make it official. Too many things have happened to allow it to be delayed any longer."

Silver Two Trees turned bright red, "You must be hungry my dear. I will make us dinner while you freshen up." He wrinkled his nose, "You smell like an old goat."

Runs With Stick laughed, "Did I ever tell you about the architecture of bus terminals?"

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Re: Blue II, the sequel

Postby Uncle » Tue Sep 30, 2008 5:47 pm

1992 At the cabin part two.

Runs With Stick put her arms around her mate "And what do I smell like now my dear?"

Silver Two Trees grinned, "Wet lilac."

She laughed and sat down to eat. "So tell me what happened while you were gone."

"After I accepted their offer, I went down to the compound and was hired to do various menial tasks. For the most part, all I had to do was keep my eyes and ears open and get a feel of what they were up to. I spotted your father almost immediately, and it was everything I could do to not just grab him and come back up here."

The old Cunni looked up and smiled, "I can't blame him for that. First he had an obligation to his employers, and second he had no idea of what I thought of my employers."

"When it became apparent what they were up to, shortly after informing my contact, I was told that I had fulfilled my obligation and I was free to go."

"We had become friends of sort while we worked together. But your mate did not tell me who he thought I was or about you until the day we left. We left separately to try to avoid too much suspicion and met up a few miles north of the compound."

"When we arrived here, I went down to talk to Roger and Mac to see where you had gotten off to. All Roger would say is that you were away on business."

"Mother help me. Mac is dead. He was murdered down south on a business trip. They sent his head back to Roger in a box."

"You avenged his death?"

Runs With Stick fingered the new bones in her necklace, "Yes Father, they have paid for their crimes."

"And my wife and mother?"

"Yes Father, I have avenged them as well."

"I did not mean to abandon you Daughter."

"I know Father. You did what you felt you had to do for my uncles."

The old Cunni looked at Silver Two Trees, "You did not tell me I have brothers."

"Sir, it's a bit of a joke. Your daughter overheard you the night before about going to help your brothers at Broken Knee. She thought you meant her uncles."

"I was only ten years old Father."

"And now you are a grown woman."

Runs With Stick felt her cheeks flush, "Yes Father."

"And you, are you the one that trained my daughter to be a predator?"

"Yes Sir. I apologize for what we were doing for a living, But I am not sorry for having her as a partner."

"It is ok, we all do what we feel we must Son. Daughter, you said you are all retired now?"

"Yes Father, Sam met me at the bus terminal and made it clear that he knew all along and that it stops now."

Silver Two Trees looked up, "Sam knew all along?"

"Yes dear, and he knew where the money came from. He also had a long discussion with Roger yesterday."

"Are we in trouble?"

"No, but he made it quite clear that we are retired. All of us."

"So what do we do now?"

"Sam said that we should go talk with Missy at the school. Apparently she knows too, but she wants to thank us and show how our contributions have been used."

"What is Roger going to do now?"

"He will continue to run the cafe." Runs With Stick finished eating and set back a bit in her chair, "Father, would you like to join us tomorrow? You used to know Roger before."

"Yes Daughter, I would like that very much." The old Cunni slid his chair back, "Now if you'll excuse an old man, I think I will take the chair in front of the fireplace and go to sleep. You two have important things to discuss amongst yourselves before tomorrow morning."

Silver Two Trees coughed as his face grew warm, "Sir?"

"You have been separated from your mate for almost two years. You have some catching up to do."

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Re: Blue II, the sequel

Postby Uncle » Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:30 pm

At the Cafe.

Runs With Stick walked into the cafe first followed by Silver Two Trees and her father. "Roger, are you here?"

Roger turned to face the newcomers "Can I get you some ...." He dropped the order pad and stood there with his mouth open.

"Close your mouth Roger, you look like those stupid Coyanos in Lockhart."

"Running Blue Water, is that really you?"

"I believe it is, I apologize, but I can't remember anything before 1973."

Roger came around from the counter and wrapped his arms around the old Cunni. "We thought you were dead."

"Apparently I was, but Death had no use for me."

Spreading his arms Roger said, "Sit everyone, I will bring fresh tea, coffee and pie."

Silver Two Trees spoke first, "She told me about Mac."

"The people responsible have been dealt with Roger."

The old Cunni spread his hands across the table and closed his eyes, "This place feels familiar Daughter."

"We were friends, I was in the army. You helped clean this place when my parents were killed."

"Were the people responsible caught?"

"Yes, Sam had just started working. He caught up with with him on the highway."

"I apologize, I did not mean to bring up painful memories."

"It is ok my old friend, these are all things in the past, we can not change them."

"Father, will you tell the Elders that Silver Two Trees and I wish to be married?"

"Yes Daughter, you both have my blessings. We shall attend to that tomorrow."

"About time."

She poked Roger in the ribs, "Mother help me."

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