About Blue II, the sequel

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About Blue II, the sequel

Postby Uncle » Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:21 pm

The time line has been adjusted from 2008 (present tense) for the Lockhart portion of Blue shifting back to 1992. So 1992 is the beginning of the sequel where we left off with the reunion of Runs With Stick with both her father and Silver Two Trees.

And yes, we're back with more tales from Anakira and the Cunni we all love.

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Re: About Blue II, the sequel

Postby Uncle » Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:35 pm

Of course, there have always been stories and legends surrounding life and the various creatures that lived with the Cunni. The following is one such story.

Runs With Stick and the Wanderer.

Once upon a time, there was a Cunni named Runs With Stick.
She lived along in a cabin in the woods that she had inherited from her family.
Every morning, she went outside at sunrise to greet the sun and gives thank to Mother Earth and ask for guidance.
One morning as she was asking for blessings from the sun, one of the forest creatures jumped on the tree stump adjacent to her and said "Good morning"
This of course startled her a bit, but being of a curious nature, she stood still and smiled, returning the greeting.
"Allow me to introduce myself, I am known as the wanderer. I have come to ask for a small favor if I may."
Now of course, ever since she was a child, she had heard stories of talking animals, but she always thought that they were just that, stories made up by the elders to entertain the young ones.
"And what might this favor be that you would ask me for?"
Well, I was on my way headed to the south, running an errand for Mother Earth, and I've gotten lost. I know this sounds foolish, but I can't remember which way is south.
Runs had heard stories about the wanderer, she knew he was capable of all sorts of devious trickery and not to be trusted at all.
Now not that she presumed that she was smarter than this creature, but her curiosity got the better of her.
At this point she asked the wanderer, "How can you lose your sense of direction? Our Mother has given us the sun to guide us. In the mornings it rises in the east, and then sets in the west."
The wanderer thought about this for a moment, and replied, "I travel at night."
Now Runs understood that certain creatures prefered to travel at night, and this made sense in a way, but ...
"Please forgive me my friend, but at night there is also Sister Moon and her children the stars to guide us."
"But I tell you what, if you care to wait until darkness, I will show you how to know which way is south."
This made the wanderer happy to see this young woman offer to help him. He suspected that she knew who he was, and yet...
"I thank you for your kindness Miss, would you have a cool place where I might lay down and sleep until dark?"
It was then that Runs realized she might have just fallen into a trap of sorts. "Well, not exactly my friend, all I have that is cool in the day time is the floor in my cabin. But you are welcome to find a cool spot inside to sleep. I have some errands to attend to, I will try not to make too much noise while you sleep."
"You are too kind" said the wanderer, "I will take you up on your offer" And with that, he proceeded to walk into the house, circled three times and promptly fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the cabin.
The rest of the day went quickly, as she had several things that needed to be done. Such as a few stray weeds in the garden needed to be removed, and there was a bit of sewing that needed to be done as well.
As it grew dark, Runs started a small fire in the fireplace and heated the pot with the soup and some water for tea.
She wasn't sure if the was the crackling of the fire, or the smells of food, but first one eye then the other of the wanderer opened slowly.
"Good evening sir, I see you are awake now. It will be dark soon, and I thought you might like something warm to eat beofre you set off on your journey. I have some soup, and I made some tea."
The wanderer smiled and nodded his head approvingly, "If you don't mind, I would like some of that tea in a small bowl."
Runs filled a bowl and set it down on the floor for her guest. She sat down at the table with a cup for herself and watched as he drank from the bowl. "Not too hot I hope?"
"No, this is perfect, It isn't very often I get something warm to drink."
"It is dark enough now, if you wish, I can show you how to find south from Sister Moon's children."
The wanderer nodded and got up, slowly walking across the floor of the cabin and out through the open doorway to stand near the stump he had appeared on earlier.
Runs followed him outside and pointed to the sky, "You see that bright start over there? The one that is brighter than the rest, and has 5 smaller stars surrounding it?"
The wanderer turned his head to look in the direction Runs pointed. "Yes."
"The bright one in the middle is north. It is always north, regardless of how all the other stars in the sky move. That one, and the five around him will always be in the same position."
"So, if I wish to go south, I would put him behind me?"
"Might I ask one more question if I may?"
Runs smiled, "Of course."
"Do you know who I am?"
She smiled, "Yes, you said you are the wanderer, but I know who you really are, we have all heard the stories about you since we were children."
"And yet you helped me without hesitation? Were not worried that I would steal that which is yours?"
Runs smiled again, "I have nothing to steal my friend, all that you see here is but a gift from our Mother Earth, It is only mine in the sense that I am allowed to care for it while I can."
"And as well all know, death is always nearby."
At this point, the wanderer stood up on his hind legs and said, "Come towards me Miss, For your trust and your honesty, I have a gift for you."
Runs stepped foward and stood in front of the wanderer.
The wanderer leaned forward just a little bit and licked Runs on the nose. "From this moment on, you will always be able to tell immediately if someone is lying to you."
And with that, he dropped down to all fours, turned and ran off into the darkness of the forest.
Now, such as life has a way of playing tricks on you, all of Runs' dear friends were honest to a fault. So it was quite some time before she had a chance to tell if someone was lying to her.
And until that time when a stranger did indeed lie to her, she always wondered if the wanderer had been telling her the truth.
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