About Slop

The short of it.

It's about a pig. It's about what pigs eat.

Genre: Horror.
Rating: R to X depending on the story. And we all know Rx is what the doctor orders.

What you can expect to see: Rural type crttiermorphs and all types of blue collar and white trash type characters. Blood shed? Oh yes! Rape? Yup! Porn? Well that's all in the eye of the beholder. If you don't like that sorta thing then Slop is certainly not the comic for you. However, there may be some socially redeeming value somewhere is this terrible comic. Its all about what you take home.

The Long of it.

Now where to begin. Slop originally was just my work in progress name for a short story I wanted to illustrate. I'd just done three pages for David Hopkin's webcomic Jack and thought to myself, "Well, those turned out okay. Maybe I could do something longer."

That's then the idea for this story called Dry Run came into my head. In Dry Run's first incarnation, it was nothing more than a vehicle for a bit of mayhem. I scripted it out, did a few bits of layout and nearly tossed it in the dustbin. It didn't seem worth it just to do something gratuitous. There was plenty of that out there, though not too much in the country slant I had in mind. As I bounced ideas around in my head and off the heads of a few close friends, the story and the characters took on a life of their own. A life that doesn't want to end at just a single story. The Dry Run will have at least two sequels that deal with Marian and the events of the first story have longer repercussions for the protagonist. Each issue should be no more than 32 pages, and be self-contained. There's an arc, but the stories have to stand on their own. We'll see if I can pull that off.

The main character is a anthropomorphic boar by the name of Tony-Ray "Mulefoot" McCullough. He's many things. Friendly, helpful, a veteran of a foreign war....oh and a bit of a serial killer. Is he a sociopath? You decide. If you're broken down at the side of the road, he'd prolly stop and lend a hand. Every now and then he might do something really bad. Essentially the character of Mulefoot is my own way of exploring what certain kinds of really bad choices in your life could mean. Mulefoot made a bad choice back when he was a door gunner in the Army Air Cavalry during the Thaikong Conflict. You'll find out more about that in next few months as the comic unfolds.

There'll be other characters that come and go, but essentially this is Mulefoot's messy little tale of woe. He's not a happy person.

QDFAQ (Quick and Dirty Frequently Asked Questions)

Mulefoot? What species is Mulefoot?

He's porcine in form--a boar. He has all kinds of boar attributes like the tusks, the flat nose, the hard head, a huge set of.oh you were asking about the name. Mulefoot is a nickname. Tony-Ray McCullough has this nickname because his feet unlike those of most hog breeds, are not cloven. His feet are syndactyl. The hoof on each toe is fused into a single more equine looking hoof. He's wearing boots much of the time so you'll never notice, but trust me. His feet look kinda equine but for the dewclaws. Any cloven hooved creature suffering syndactylism on one or more feet is commonly referred to as mulefooted. He's not a warthog.

How old is Mulefoot?

I won't say-but he's probably older than he looks and certainly feeling what it is to age.

If he's a bad person, why should I care about Mulefoot's story?

Why should you? Maybe he'll grow on you. Mulefoot's is in the end, a tale of woe. What the piggy and see if anything useful comes from such a mixed up critter.

So...like, are you trying to be ultra edgey, gritty, deep, gratuitous, draw porn, or inflict some other kind of agenda?

I'm not trying to be anything in particular. I'm writing and drawing the stories as feels right for them. I do have worries about how it comes across. Different people are going to come away with different things. I really don't mind. I'm enjoying the whole process of creation. If there is an agenda, it has to do with why people cheer for the bad guy sometimes.

So it's not the same universe as Jack?

Nope. Nor RTD.

Then who's that other guy at the bar in Dry Run that looks so familiar?

Who can say? It's a fluid multiverse out there. Maybe some people despite a completely different world could find some alternate version of themselves if they really tried. It should sometimes also be said that like in the movies, sometimes any similarity in appearance of those living or dead is purely coincidental.

Are there any non-morphic animals in the SLOP universe?

It would be pretty darned hard to have a functioning eco-system without lots and lots of flora and fauna. It might be alien to some, but the majority of living beings in SLOP are non-sentient and exactly the same as the life here. Antelopes to Zebras, you'll find most species doing what they've always done. All and all, there's only about 120 or so sentient species in SLOP.