SLOP Comic Archives

What you'll find here...

Sometimes waiting for each comic page to load can be a pain. Sometimes people because of the content of Slop, can't read it online. Sometimes its just easier to download the whole thing and read it later. With that in mind, I've put the first few slop stories here zipped up and in CBZ format for your reading enjoyment.

What's CBZ? Really its just a zip file renamed. It contains image files named sequently. You can use a free program like CDisplay to browse the zipped up file in an easy way without having to unzip the images. You can find CDisplay here.

And now the archives...

The Dry Run
Spanning all of Issue 1, The Dry Run is the first story drawn. Meet Tony-Ray McCullough. He's a pig who picks up roadkill for living. Tonight he picks up two passengers.
Red River
When Brice woke up, the girl of his dreams lay dead beside him. Now he's on the run and may end up roadkill. Don't worry, Mulefoot is there to help.