Just a few places that I find interesting. This is an old list and needs updating so be patient as this slowly changes. Do you have a link that you think I might enjoy. Share it with me on the forum. It just might end up here.

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Webcomics ...enjoyed by the Boar
Life, death, and darkness with a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Jack is about choices and responsibility played out in the backdrop of the afterlife. The art is both cute and somehow dark-- as if someone tossed equal shares of diced Chuck Jones, Dr. Seuss, and Edward Gorey into grim reaper shaped jello-mold. Happy 500th page!
How do I even begin to describe this adorable, sweet natured, beautifully psychotic, lil comic? Bitchin'! That's how. Its not often you see female serial killers. I wish I had my own mirror monsters. I just get flotsam. *Grin* Go check it out.
Inhuman! No really that's the name. Dark veiw of the future done in watercolor. Alien characters with some of the same weaknesses that make us...human... Enjoy!
Probaby the best and most comprehensive list of furry and non furry webcomics I've found. Have a look and click some links. You'll discover a gem or two.
Another great webcomics portal... do have a look.
Art Website Links no particular order
Rangarig's Renderings
A reptillian fellow with some great CGI. He may not be Hollywood, but I know what I like. Look for big things and be warned--there's adult material there.
This my own personal site. You can find a great deal of my art and even some horrible technoish music I composed. Though I suppose the Jack inspired pieces aren't so bad. Adult artwork there...but then again if you're probably aren't offended by much. Still, if you want to be sure you won't see anything sexual, check out my Deviant Art page.
Vix's Foxhole is run by Kybui Hunter--a sculptor that works mostly in modelling clay. His work has a nice 3D cartoony feel. Have a look at his site. He's a sweetheart. Although, he hasn't updated in a long time. Maybe if we begged...
Borni's art has been delighting me for a few years now and he gets better and better. Some people like him for his gay Biker Mice artwork but I go for his rough and tumble Dorgits m'self. Sexy, masculine and oh so very gay. Adult material so be warned.
Lunwarwolf Moonphaser is an artist of great skill and a great friend. Most of what he draws is sexual (so be warned) but he draws a lot of animal forms that others just don't or won't. Without his support, I probably wouldn't be drawing even now.
William Ringland, also known as Seryiane, is an artist who draws among other things, fertile looking females with hips made for birthing. Expect some science fiction and fantasy twists to his art. Talking to William, expect good science behind his artistic fiction.
Things to Read 
The Blog of EODSarge, a fan of Slop. I've enjoyed his site a great deal.
The Live Journal of my friend and webwuff. He might be a lil Green...but that's his nature. *grin*
Places to go... 
Found on Furnet, #Snakepit is a nice place for those predisposed reptilian. For more information, see the channel's webpage.